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poems for kids

For the kid to develop his or her personality, poems are an integral part of their growing process. Encourage them to read more often and enjoy along with them. Funny poems for kids. Short funny poems for children, Poems that rhyme, funny friend poems, funny poems about school. Find various types of long, short and animated poems for kids. Get access to all Poems for kids, funny poems for kids, short poems for kids, Halloween poems for kids, poems for kids to recite.

Poems    Poems for kids

The Story of Johnny Head-in-the-Air ~Heinrich Hoffman As he trudged along to school, It was always Johnny's rule To be looking at the sky And the clouds that floated by; But what just before him lay, In his way, Johnny never thought about; So that everyone cried out, "Look at little Johnny there, Little Johnny Head-in-Air!" Running just in Johnny's way Came a little dog one day; Johnny's eyes were still astray Up on high, In the sky; And he never heard them cry "Johnny, mind, the dog is nigh!" Bump! Dump! Down they fell, with such a thump, Dog and Johnny in a lump! Once, with head as high as ever, Johnny walked beside the river. Johnny watched the swallows trying Which was cleverest at flying. Oh! what fun! Johnny watched the bright round sun Going in and coming out; This was all he thought about. So he strode on, only think! To the river's very brink, Where the bank was and steep, And the water very deep; And the fishes, in a row, Stared to see him coming so. One step more! oh! sad to tell! Headlong in poor Johnny fell. And the fishes, in dismay, Wagged their tails and swam away. There lay Johnny on his face, With his nice red writing-case; But, as they were passing by, Two strong men had heard him cry; And, with sticks, these two strong men Hooked poor Johnny out again. Oh! you should have seen him shiver When they pulled him from the river. He was in a sorry plight, Dripping wet, and such a fright! Wet all over, everywhere, Clothes, and arms, and face, and hair: Johnny never will forget What it is to be so wet. And the fishes, one, two, three, Are come back again, you see; Up they came the moment after, To enjoy the fun and laughter. Each popped out his little head, And, to tease poor Johnny, said "Silly little Johnny, look, You have lost your writing-book!"

The Migration of the Grey Squirrels ~William Howitt When in my youth I traveled Throughout each north country, Many a strange thing did I hear, And many a strange thing to see. But nothing was there pleased me more Than when, in autumn brown, I came, in the depths of the pathless woods, To the grey squirrels' town. There were hundreds that in the hollow boles Of the old, old trees did dwell, And laid up store, hard by their door, Of the sweet mast as it fell. But soon the hungry wild swine came, And with thievish snouts dug up Their buried treasure, and left them not So much as an acorn cup. Then did they chatter in angry mood, And one and all decree, Into the forests of rich stone-pine Over hill and dale to flee. Over hill and dale, over hill and dale, For many a league they went, Like a troop of undaunted travelers Governed by one consent. But the hawk and the eagle, and peering owl, Did dreadfully pursue; And the further the grey squirrels went, The more their perils grew; When lo! to cut off their pilgrimage, A broad stream lay in view. But then did each wondrous creature show His cunning and bravery; With a piece of the pine-bark in his mouth, Unto the stream came he; And boldly his little bark he launched, Without the least delay; His busy tail was his upright sail, And he merrily steered away. Never was there a lovelier sight Than that grey squirrels' fleet; And with anxious eyes I watched to see What fortune it would meet. Soon had they reached the rough mild-stream, And ever and anon I grieved to behold some bark wrecked, And its little steersman gone. But the main fleet stoutly held across; I saw them leap to shore; They entered the woods with a cry of joy, For their perilous march was o'er.


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